Published 07.03.2023
by Kids’ Own

Early Years Project in partnership with Dungarvan Traveller Community Health Project

We have been working away on a new project with early years children, their siblings, and parents in partnership with Dungarvan Traveller Community Health Project, County Waterford. The project was developed with Dungarvan Traveller Health Project and Waterford County Childcare Committee, with support from Waterford Traveller Interagency Group. It is a play-based, creative arts project with early years Traveller children and their parents/guardians, encouraging exploration outdoors.

Workshops at Clonea Beach saw an invigorating arts experience! The participants explored their surroundings and let creativity and collaboration lead the way – working together to gather, dig, construct from items found in nature such as beach pebbles, shells, driftwood and sea glass.




This project is dedicated to helping participants to enjoy learning, exploration, and just being, through play-based arts interventions. Project artist Francesca Hutchinson, alongside project artist Maree Hensey, developed the project to focus on the outdoors, recognising the value that learning in a non-structured environment, outside of educational settings, can have. This initiative encourages exploring nature together as a way to stimulate development in an engaging atmosphere.

We look forward to sharing more updates as the project progresses!

This project is kindly funded by the Toy Show Appeal