Published 29.09.2016
by Kids’ Own

Creating a new digital map of Roscommon

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for ‘Our Map’ at Roscommon Arts Centre during the Culture night weekend, September 16th – 18th. Over the three days we were delighted to be joined by children and their families from the area to share their stories and favourite places with us in the creation of a new digital map of Roscommon.

Nana’s house in four mile house

They had to get a new duck cause the fox ate it. Lots of feathers because the fox came and ate the ducks. Nanny keeps ducks to get eggs the duck eggs are blue and while cause they are dirty. Auntie Emer makes the sponge cake with Jam and cream. My granny lives in four mile house, nanny has a very big house she has horses, cows, dogs and cats. The horses names are Roxie, Amber, Black Jack, Elvis and Mable. We had a new baby horse a brown foal called Valentino.

To view ‘Our Map’ go to www.kidsown/roscommon-map