Published 06.03.2023
by Kids’ Own

Classic Kids’ Own Titles return!

Over twenty years since their first publication, Clotty Malotty and All Her Friends and Charley Barley and All His Friends have been reprinted!


We are delighted to bring back these classic titles which are in our Unheard Voices series. Artist Leanne McDonagh has written a new foreword for both books.

“When I discovered Charlie Barley and Clotty Malotty, I was delighted to see that Kids’ Own had captured an insight into the community which I believed to be genuine and true” – Leanne McDonagh

These colourful and vibrant books will definitely put a smile on the readers face!

Order your copy of Clotty Malotty  and Charley Barley below.



Clotty Malotty and All Her Friends

This book was the result of a creative process with Traveller and settled children in Finglas, County Dublin.  With a collection of rhymes and jokes, this book celebrates Traveller culture and language in classrooms and beyond. Enjoy wonderful poems and artworks made with marla (plasticine), all crafted by the children.

Winnie McDonagh from Banardo’s TESO Project was involved in the book making process, and she recalls her enjoyment in the creative process with the students.

“A lasting memory for me was the sheer enjoyment and creative experience of working with the girls in the Tuesday reading club” – Winnie McDonagh

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Charlie Barley and All His Friends

Children from Traveller and non-Traveller communities across three schools in County Sligo contributed to this fun and witty collection of  rhymes jokes and artworks. First published in 2001, this book has been republished in recognition of its unique value as a child -created exploration of Traveller culture, developed through a playful artistic process.

Mary Branley, Kids’ Own Writer, recalls her inspiration for Charlie Barley. 

“I first head the nursery rhyme “Charlie Barley Skittery Legs” while teaching in St Edward’s National School in Sligo in 1999. Teresa Ward was joking with her cousin Charlie. I knew immediately that I had been gifted a rare glimpse into Traveller culture….” – Mary Branley 

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Page from Charley Barley book showing drawing of a hand by the children

Starting School

Also returning to the Kid’s Own catalogue is Starting School, a book by 4 and 5 Year old children in County Kilkenny.

First published in 2015, Starting School has been republished in recognition of its unique value as a child centred exploration of making the transition into primary school. The children write about their experiences on their first day of school, expressing emotions and thoughts about such an important, and at times daunting, period in their lives.

Accompanied by lovely illustrations, the children share their favourite parts of school and what makes them scared, excited and happy.

We hope that this book can be used by parents, preschool teachers and primary school teachers with children, to support them as they make this transition.

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