Published 31.10.2012
by Kids’ Own

Children & Youth Programme: Book Project

Kids’ Own is making a new book, in partnership with the Children & Youth Programme – a joint collaboration between the two UNESCO Chairs at the University of Ulster and the National University of Ireland at Galway. It is an all-island programme monitoring the rights and well-being of children and youth in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Kids’ Own has been commissioned by the Children and Youth Programme to develop a pilot book project that explores the involvement of children’s voices in a monitoring programme about children’s well-being.

Over the past six weeks, we have been working with children in Our Lady of Mercy Primary School, Sligo and Killyhommon Primary School, Boho, Fermanagh, to explore through art work and writing, the following questions: Why are children important? What’s important to children? Who are children important to? and; Who should listen to children?

These questions were formulated as a means of broadly engaging the children with four of the general principles that underpin the UN Convention on the rights of the Child, namely:

  • The principle of non-discrimination; or inclusion;
  • The best interests of the child as a primary consideration – the whole child;
  • The right of the child to life, survival and development – Well-being;
  • The voice of the child.

We are now in the process of bringing all the children’s work together into a brand new book and will shortly be announcing details of the launch in December.

Meanwhile, view some of the work in progress on our Flickr page.