Published 29.05.2023
by Kids’ Own

Children Who Foster: Coming Soon!


In August 2022 we began a wonderful project with the children of families that foster. A group of young people took part in a number of workshops with our associate artists: artist Karina Nachbar and writer Mary Branley, to produce a book on their experiences of living in a family that fosters children. We worked together with the children by way of a meaningful and collaborative process to listen and then create a book that reflects their voices and experiences.

“I thought it was going to be difficult to have another sibling, challenging to look after, but it’s actually really fun. We play together with his cars, and blocks, him and my younger sister get along really well.”  – Bellatrix


A range of art activities took place, including making stop-motion animation videos guided by Karina. Mary spoke with the children about their experiences of having foster siblings, listening to their everyday stories and their likes and dislikes. We have been busy developing these young people’s artwork and words in to a new Kids’ Own book publication and are very near to sharing it with you all. So, keep an ear open for the launch, we can’t wait!

This project was generously funded by The TUSLA Children’s Participation Seed Fund.