Published 08.06.2015
by Kids’ Own

Building Safety: A new book project with the HSA

Workshops began in June on our new ‘Building Safety’ book project with the Health and Safety Authority of Ireland (HSA) and the Association of Teachers’ Education Centres in Ireland (ATECI). Primary school children from across Ireland took part in a competition about life and safety in the construction industry, submitting creative writing, drawings, paintings and photographs. Kids’ Own is leading workshops with competition winners at Education Centres in Sligo, Athlone, Limerick, Kilkenny, Dublin West and Navan.

Athlone workshops

HSA Athlone 7HSA Athlone 3

HSA Athlone 8HSA Athlone 9HSA construction workshop - Athlone






The following themes were included in the artwork and writing submitted by competition winners:
– Family perspectives on the life and work of a builder
– Working at a height (roof, bridge, school, ladders, scaffolding)
– Working around machinery and equipment hazards
– The risks for children in entering construction sites
– Working underground
– Other hazards on site (e.g. chemicals, asbestos)
– The use of safety clothing

Limerick workshops

HSA Limerick 1

HSA Limerick 2HSA Limerick 6

HSA Limerick 4

HSA Limerick 3






Jo Holmwood and Orla Kenny from Kids’ Own together with artist Sharon Kelly are collaborating with children during the building safety workshops. The workshops will lead to a new publication in late 2015 by participating children raising awareness of work and safety in the construction industry. For further information visit

Sligo workshops

HSA Sligo 1

HSA Sligo 4HSA Sligo 8HSA Sligo 5HSA Sligo 3