Published 12.03.2014
by Kids’ Own

The Book Factory is on the move …

The Book Factory, a tailor-made installation for bookmaking activity, is coming to St. Patrick’s National School in Maugherow, Co. Sligo, from the 18 -21 March.

This year, the Book Factory was once again created in partnership with the Industrial Design Department at Sligo IT for the Sligo Children’s Book Festival (6-10 March 2014). School groups and families took part in a whirlwind of bookmaking with artists Naomi Draper and Vanya Lambrecht Ward during the festival.

There are four areas to explore – an inspiration station, a studio, a library and a printing press – and everyone leaves the Book Factory with their very own book!

If you would like to bring the Book Factory to your school group email us at [email protected]