Published 04.02.2021
by Kids’ Own

Welcome to the team Róisín!

We are delighted to welcome our new intern Róisín to the Kids’ Own team for the next four months.

Róisín is a third year English and Media student at the National University of Ireland, Galway. She loves reading, writing, film and the escapism that they create. She also enjoys helping others to be creative and navigating ideas in the 21st Century. This placement is something that Róisín is very excited about because of the material that this organisation creates. Being a budding writer herself, Róisín is using this opportunity to further her writing ability and knowledge of the creative process. She is very interested in publishing and hopes that it will improve her skills of editing and critical analysis of her interests, literature and film. Hopefully she will have the chance to be in office over the next few months!