Roscommon Arts Centre

Our Map: Free art workshops for young children at Roscommon Arts Centre

Very young children (aged 2-4) and their parents are invited to join us at Roscommon Arts Centre for a series of free Saturday workshops. Explore a sense of place and physical location through mapping and collaborative play alongside artists Naomi Draper and Maree Hensey. These hands-on workshops will provide a space for children to build curiosity and intrigue with materials from the natural environment. Venue: Rosc
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Culture Night weekend: Kids’ Own “Our Map” at Roscommon Arts Centre

Come to “Our Map” hosted by Kids’ Own at Roscommon Arts Centre this September and join the hive of industry and creativity during Culture Night weekend. Share your stories through book making and digital mapping and join us in the creation of a new digital map of Roscommon which will bring your ideas and experiences to life. This project is part of a new exploration of work for Kids’ Own that seeks to combine traditi
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