Published 01.03.2020
by Kids’ Own

St James’s Primary School – Virtually There exhibition

Artist: Naomi Draper
Teacher: Stella Cross

These posters attempt to give notice of an event, a virtual workshop.

‘Virtual’ means not physically existing, but made by software to appear to exist or, in another explanation, virtual can mean ‘almost’ or ‘nearly as described’. Considering these definitions, we wondered how we might represent our experience on this project when the only remaining evidence or documentation is by its very nature ‘virtual’.

St James's Primary School - Virtually There Exhibition - Kids Own Publishing - Posters Fuzzy logic

We are interested in the documentation of the work carried out during this project, as a tool to facilitate and support exchange and dialogue between participants.

The quality and aesthetic of this technological infrastructure reveals to us where the value rests throughout this process; on the connections between the participants and the processes they engage with, and on the experience over the results or outcomes. The often fuzzy, pixelated and unreadable images of our documentation reveal the ‘virtual’ practice; they capture the often ungraspable, intangible energy around this exchange and tell us that the value is in the experience of the event and not in its conclusion.