Practice.ie is the website of the national network for artists working with children and young people and was developed by Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership in 2008.

Since then, Practice.ie has grown as a national resource and support structure and has over 400 members nationwide.

Practice.ie is an online collaborative space that provides an interactive platform for artists to connect, share and make visible their work with children and young people. As a user-driven resource it allows artists to create their own content and share learning with the wider community.

Practice.ie also aims to validate and raise the profile of arts practice with children and young people by showcasing projects that represent best practice within the sector; featuring interviews with key practitioners; and publishing essays and articles of note that bear relevance to current contemporary practice.

In 2014, the practice.ie national exhibition and event tour of work by artists and children toured to West Cork Arts Centre, The Model, Sligo and axis: Ballymun.

If you are an artist and you want to get involved, you can register as a member of Practice.ie on the website, log in and submit your work.