Ann Henderson

Ann Henderson is an artist based on Rathlin Island, off the north coast of Ireland. In 2007, Ann had a pioneering idea, to connect with children in Ballydown Primary School from her studio on Rathlin Island, using video conferencing technology. The pilot project that followed would give birth to the Virtually There residency programme and 8 years later, Ann continues her work in Ballydown P.S. with teachers Judith White and Julie Orr.

Ann is currently an exhibiting artist on the Virtually There exhibition and event tour (2014/15) and previously exhibited work from her Virtually There residency during the ‘Practice’ exhibition tour (2014).

For over twenty years, Ann has been investing in a combination of solo and collaborative work – the majority of the latter, over the last seven years, being developed through virtual means. Ann’s practice is built upon investigation into natural processes and her approach is both open-ended and experimental. Working as an artist within formal educational contexts is of particular importance to Ann.

Ann’s Virtually There residency:
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Date: February 18, 2015