100 Year History Project

2014 – 2016

Kids’ Own, in conjunction with the Kilkenny Education Centre and the Belfast Education and Library Board, is leading the ‘100 Year History Project’ for 12 primary schools North and South of Ireland. The project is funded by The Department of Foreign Affairs Reconciliation Fund.

The ‘100 Year History Project’ provides an opportunity for children north and south and from all backgrounds to engage with Ireland and Northern Ireland’s history and to specifically explore, through a series of creative writing and art workshops, the events that happened during the decade 1912-1922.

A new children’s history book, representing the children’s perspectives of these events 100 years on, will be published in autumn 2016.

Phase 1 

Phase 1 of the project (2014-15), supports children as researchers, working alongside their teachers, and an artist and writer, to explore events that took place during the decade 1912-1922. The children’s historical research will be documented through a process video, and will also be published online on a dedicated website.

Workshops led by artist Ann Donnelly and writer Mary Branley took place between January and March 2015. Among the areas of interest that emerged for the children were: World War 1, the 1913 Lockout, the 1916 uprising and the War of Indpendence, the Beggars Bush barracks, international perspectives of the World War from Latvian and Polish children with family stories, the Suffragettes, as well as many investigations into social histories running alongside, e.g. the linen industry, transport developments, local trade and industry in each area.

I saw the girls from St Brigid’s in Haddington Road filling several metres of wax paper with their questions that they wanted to find the answers for about the 1913 Lockout. Their questions were wide-ranging and often very intelligent and the whole class was hungry for the answers.’ – Artist Ann Donnelly

Phases 2-3 

Phases 2 & 3 (2015-16) involve more in-depth research. The children are working alongside the artist and the writer to develop their writing and artwork further and collate this into a special commemorative publication to be launched in autumn 2016. This book will celebrate the diversity of events and lived experiences in Ireland and Northern Ireland during the decade 1912-22 and will represent children’s perspectives of these events 100 years on.

Visit the dedicated website: http://100yearhistory.com/