Published 22.07.2021
by Kids’ Own

LGBTQIA+ Book Project with Young People in Sligo and Leitrim

Kids’ Own was delighted to work with the SMILY LGBTQIA+ group in Sligo and Leitrim (part of Youth Work Ireland North Connaught) in the third phase of this creative project. You can read more about the earlier phases of the project here. Participants worked with writer Mary Branley and artist Andy Parsons in an intensive series of workshops to develop artwork and writing that reflects their lived experience.

The workshops took place at the outdoor space at Penny Café at the Yeats’ Society in Sligo. This was a wonderful space for our group of young people to meet in person for the first time, having worked together online through a series of creative sessions during winter 2020. There was a really lovely, positive atmosphere as everyone appreciated the benefits of working safely in person again and the connections and conversations that can happen.

LGBTQIA+ art project in Sligo and Leitrim self portraits
LGBTQIA+ art project: Painting with a mop!
LGBTQIA+ art project: They, Them self portrait
LGBTQIA+ art project in Sligo: Painted self portraits
Mixed media for sculptural self portraits for LGBTQIA+ art project
Large scale self portraits in LGBTQIA+ art project for teens

Participants worked with artist Andy to create large-scale self-portraits that moved away from representational art, instead finding different ways to represent themselves. To do this, the group used unusual tools such as mops, as well as more traditional means! In later workshops, the young people began to experiment with making three dimensional objects, to continue this thinking. The young people engaged in conversation with each other and with writer Mary Branley, putting their thoughts and experiences into words which will form part of the book.

We’re really looking forward to the launch of what we think will be a really special publication later this year.