Published 11.06.2010
by Kids’ Own

Kids’ Own Launches the Travelling Library

The Kids’ Own Travelling Library is a mobile resource that will be housed in libraries, schools, festivals and other settings where it can be easily accessed by children.

It is the first library in Ireland that houses books made exclusively by children and aims to build on this genre by providing children with access to books made by their peers and to engage them in book-making activity within the library.Monday 14th June will see the launch of the Travelling Library in Sligo Library, where it will be accessible to visitors there until the 29th June. Two local schools will also be participating in workshops facilitated by Kids’ Own. The launch marks the start of a tour of the border region funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs (Reconciliation Fund).

The Travelling Library will travel to Sligo, Derry, Bundoran and Enniskillen as part of the tour, and participating children will work on the creation of a brand new publication.

Keep track of the Travelling Library here on our website or on our Travelling Library Journal.

If you are interested in booking the Travelling Library, contact us here at the Kids’ Own office for more information.