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Impact & Sustainability

At Kids’ Own we are committed to explaining and accounting 
for our actions, and in seeking to understand the views of those who are impacted by our work, whether that is the communities in which our programmes operate, our supporters, our staff, the targets of our advocacy work or others. Accountability is at the heart of our vision for the future and it has encouraged us to make sustainability and sustainable development central in our strategic planning.

Ensuring good accountability in our work is ongoing for us. With the publication of our first sustainability report, ‘Leaves and Trees’, we aim to identify areas that we can improve upon while acknowledging the work already done. This is a dynamic process and requires commitment and accountability. To this end we are committed to reviewing our performance on a regular basis and addressing issues as they arise. This approach is to ensure that we achieve our goal of sustainability that is equal parts social, economic and environmental. This will inform us an organisation and help bring about a societal transformation supporting future generations and the natural environment we live in.

The projects, the partners, the participants and the lasting legacy of the work is deemed to significantly benefit society at a local, national and international level. This cannot be quantified in terms of carbon emissions or financial revenue however; it is a form of social capital that should be acknowledged.

Our activities and impact

A detailed overview of our activities and strong social impact can be found in our 2017 annual activity report.