Published 22.08.2023
by Kids’ Own

Early Years Pilot: Farmyard Miniworld, Ballintogher


Our first session with children as part of the exciting new pilot, the Arts in Early Learning & Care (ELC) and School Age Childcare (SAC) scheme,  took place in Farmyard Miniworld in Ballintogher, Sligo. Associate artists Maree Hensey and Naomi Draper worked together to bring a repetitive, meditative, immersive experience which supported wonder and curiosity in the early learning and care setting.

We received some fabulous feedback from the parents and the owners of Farmyard Miniworld and are delighted to share with you.

“…………  was so thrilled when she brought her little envelope of paper samples home. It has been on the kitchen table since and lots of conversations about shades of colour and texture have happened.  It’s a really simple example of how when a young child is treated with respect it can pay dividends. I have witnessed many art projects involving young children where awful cheap paper and materials are used. That …….. was exposed to the idea of different paper grades, textures, shades, weight, is really exemplary.  Tactility and materiality  is as important an aspect of life that kids need to be exposed as anything else. As a parent I was delighted she had the opportunity to engage with Kids Own.” – Parent of child at Farmyard Miniworld 



Lucy and Jon who own Farmyard Miniworld also added:

“Some of the things we observed during the sessions included: Happy engaged children; Great creativity;  Child led; Spontaneity; Lots of interactions: Play!  ……………. The vast majority, almost unanimous, of children interacted to some extent with the activities. That is unusual for our group of children, who are given the opportunity to engage or not, depending on their own preferences.  This high level of engagement speaks volumes for the relevance that the children felt the activity held for them.”

We’ll bring you updates on our Inspiring Minds ELC setting soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Read more about the pilot scheme here: