Published 29.05.2014
by Kids’ Own

Book of the Month: Fishing for Food and Mushrooms

To celebrate the upcoming launch of our new book with Traveller children during Traveller Pride Week in June 2014, our Book of the Month is another title that looks at Traveller life through young people in the community. Fishing for Food and Mushrooms is a collection of stories, poems and pen pictures written and illustrated by Traveller Children in Belfast.

Fishing for Food and Mushrooms

My Granny and Granda used to shovel the snow for people when she was young for 50p. They used to buy sweets with the money. She also helped my Great Granda make pots and put them on the back of the wagon and sell them. My Great Granda hit the pots to shape them with rubber hammers and sold them to people. Granny and Granda used to go fishing for food and mushrooms to put in the pot that Granda made.’ – Peter Gavin, age 6

Old Cart

Lots of noise from the scrap
Dark nights. Everyone around
the camp. Nights are warm
around the fire. Dancing
around the fireside.
Altogether young and old.
Young at heart. Scrap and
carpets for sale.

– John Mongan, age 8


Fishing for Food and MushroomsFishing for Food and Mushrooms



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