Published 23.11.2017
by Kids’ Own

Action Researcher announced for ‘Virtually There’

With the new school year well underway the ‘Virtually There’ project continues in nine participating schools in Northern Ireland and Kids’ Own are delighted to announce action researcher Bryonie Reid of Quarto Collective has joined this exciting phase.

Over the next three years Bryonie will be conducting research to investigate the impact of the project on all participants: artists, teachers and children as part of a ‘More and Better’ grant from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Arts and Learning Fund. The findings of this research will be published in 2020.

Bryonie Reid - Virtually There Action Researcher

About Bryonie Reid

Bryonie Reid is a cultural geographer and artist. She has published and exhibited work looking at ideas of place, belonging and identity. She also works with her sisters as quarto in the fields of heritage, culture and the arts, carrying out research, writing for publications and exhibitions, curating and designing and delivering community engagement projects.

The Virtually There project is funded through a ‘More and Better’ Grant from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Arts-based Learning Fund and supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Visit the Virtually There Project Journals to view work from current projects!