Published 08.05.2023
by Kids’ Own

Accessing the Arts: Research Findings from Dr Amy Hanna

We’re looking back upon a past project All In where we explored how our child-led, child-centred model of engagement with professional artists could be brought to children and young people, particularly those who have limited access to technology and who are from communities already experiencing social exclusion and disadvantage.

This research is still very relevant today. Here we revisit Dr Amy Hanna’s research findings into Digital and Cultural Access for Children and Young People in the Northwest, from a children’s rights perspective. The aim of the scoping study was to identify children and young people’s (particularly those who may have challenges regarding digital access) needs and experiences of accessing cultural and arts programmes online.

Accessing the Arts presents the findings of the scoping study under four themes: opportunities and challenges; learning and development; information and resources; and accessibility and communication.

Read the full study here

accessing the arts by Amy Hanna