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Kids' Own Publishing Partnership

Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership

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Since its inception in 1997 Kids’ Own has emerged as a key organisation that supports the provision of exemplary arts practice with children and young people in Ireland. An integral part of this work is the commitment to supporting professional artists in developing their practice with children and young people and all other professionals working with children through the arts. Kids’ Own is primarily focused on supporting the engagement that occurs between artists and children and in developing a way of working with children and young people that develops their own individual creative expression through the creative process. The outcomes from this engagement serve to further promote the arts in the lives of children in terms of resources that support practice, or work in itself that supports children and young people as active cultural creators in their own right.

Kids’ Own is located in Sligo, we work locally and across Ireland and Northern Ireland in partnership with many schools, venues, arts organisations, local authorities and government departments. Kids’ Own is a significant employer of freelance professional artists in the northwest and in the rest of Ireland, and we are committed to supporting artists in developing their own practice working with children and young people.

Our work develops out of our own defined need and also as a result of other agencies and organisations approaching and commissioning Kids’ Own to further support their work with children and young people. Kids’ Own is passionate about the role of the arts in the lives of children and through our programmes and partnerships we aim for continuity of experience for children, depth of engagement and breadth of impact.

Our work ranges from book-making workshops to year-long projects with families, communities and schools. We are delighted to receive core funding from the Arts Council of Ireland, and are also grateful to a range of other funding partners, including the Health & Safety Authority, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Our office is in the beautiful northwest of Ireland on the Atlantic coast.

Kids’ Own works closely with a number of associate artists and freelance professionals.