Published 01.04.2016
by Kids’ Own

A new phase on the 100 Year History Project

Over the autumn and winter of 2015-2016, Ann Donnelly has been working with children and teachers from schools in Ireland and Northern Ireland in order to deepen their engagement with the Decade of Centenaries as part of the 100 Year History Project.

While some schools widened their perspective to get an idea of the context in which local events were taking place, others paid particular attention to personal and local connections with that period in history. Children have been interviewing academics and local historians, delving into family treasures, scouring online archives and touring landmarks and monuments in their vicinity in order to gather unique perspectives on 1912-22 and to deepen their understanding of the history of the time.

Now the 100 Year History Project is entering Phase 3. This phase will pull all of the research from this epic project together to create the final visual and written content for a children’s book about this turbulent era.

The 100 Year History Project is funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs through the Reconciliation Fund.